Finance and Accounts are the backbones of any organization. It helps you to supervise your business, make technical analysis and examine the monetary transactions involved in it. It, however, plays a major role in the development of any business.

Every organization needs money to operate and grow. Finance and Accounts are the vital elements of any business that records the way a business has grown and after analyzing figures proposes a plan to improve.

Courses that come under Finance & Accounts majorly include- financial planning, technical analysis, TDS, GST, Stock market and a lot more.

These courses will help you to solve financial problems to evaluate investment choices, apply financial theory to analyse investment, dividend policy and working capital decisions in a corporate setting, understand finances in a better way, interpret them, and put them into action, control costs at every stage of their business, make better use of the resources that are used in their business and create awareness and make the employees cost-conscious at all levels.

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