Media and Entertainment industry has started to witness transformation with growing importance of the digital media. It is said to serve as the Fourth Pillar. Print, television and digital media hold the capability to influence the millions. Cinema is recognized globally as a platform that reflects the society and animation and VFX are its integral parts. The localized reach of radio is catapulting the growth of radio industry. Journalism is the production and the distribution of reports on recent events.

With the kind of growth in technology, high-speed internet connectivity, film production is emerging as one of the biggest careers for anyone who is creative and has an urge to excel. Nowadays students who wish to explore the options the various opportunities in the media and entertainment industry have tremendous scope to showcase their skill sets. Considering the demand in this industry, we at SIILC bring to you a platform to develop yourself in the media and entertainment sector with our career-driven up-to-date courses that include Digital Film Making, Digital Photography, Professional Anchoring, Mobile Film Making, Journalism and Reporting Skills, Video Editing and a lot more. Practical-oriented sessions, live field visits and interactive sessions with the industry professionals are some of our key assets.

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