Health and wellness hold a very important position in our life, thus making it a mandatory practice for us to maintain it every day for a healthy and peaceful life. For learning the techniques to have a balance between the mind and body, one needs to acquire a healthy lifestyle. To bridge this gap, between the body and the mind, SIILC has launched different courses under the category of “Sports, Health and Wellness” with the motive to create social awareness about the importance of a healthy life. We, at SIILC, provide various courses like Power Nutrition, Midbrain Activation, Sports management and a lot more.
We head with the objective to help our participants lead a disease-free and a balanced life. The courses strive towards knowing one’s health, identifying the various health problems, taking the preventive measures and following the right stress-buster techniques. A blend of Sports, health and wellness education can ensure you a healthy lifestyle.

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