SIILC completes Netherland Tour


SIILC recently conducted a 8 day long tour of Netherland for farmers. The tour had 7 farmers participating. The idea behind the tour was to learn more about Horticulture and Dairy Farming in Netherland. The participants had an opportunity, to study in details the technique of growing flowers in the glasshouse.

The tour exposed the participants to the famous Dutch Auction procedure. This flower market imports lakhs of flowers from various countries which are exported on the same day, with about 190 lac sellers and about 20 lac varieties of flowers. The market runs on a cooperative basis and the participants were quite impressed about the same.

The participants visited Rigzwan the world’s fifth international company of vegetable seeds. Learning about the modern process. The participating farmers learnt about artificial growth of agriculture products to achieve high production through mechanization computerized watering and other latest techniques as they visited the tomato research center. Learning about hundreds of products that were exhibited here they tasted some of the fruits.

The tour provided an opportunity to learn about the famous , advanced dairy farming in Netherlands The farmers could not believe themselves when they saw cattle providing 8-10 liters of milk per milking, more than 40 ltrs per day and more than 1.25 lac ltrs in their lifetime. The use of robots to save on manpower and to increase production was also amazing. The main feature of the tour was Robo which could feed the kettle and also milk them.

The farmers visited cities like Amsterdam the Haig. Rotterdam, Maduro dam and other places of tourism while enjoying a boat safari through the canal. They also paid a visit to the power generation plant and wollen dam to see windmills, wooden shoe, cheese and wine which are the main features of Netherlands

The participant recently returned from Netherlands, after having experience of more than what they had expected.

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