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Course Objectives

To analyse landscape elements and principals
To analyse constraints and opportunities offered by the site
To create a Garden on small or large areas, indoor or outdoor
To Mapping the plant species as per the site condition and slope analysis
To recreate the dead corners in the homes and offices
To Prepare landscape plan in context to recent development in different area

Course take away / learning outcome

Thorough learning of Designing and landscaping of your space (small to large)
Project reports: Residential Terraces, Balconies, Lobbies, passages closer to your home
Understanding how to set up a new garden and maintenance of existing gardens (Residential to commercial)
Various types of gardens
Foundation to become a Landscape Designer
Understanding of Site Planning
Micro designing of components : Working details / Working drawings of Landscapes
Costing & estimating for Landscaping Projects
Thorough understanding of Construction Layouts
Legal aspects in Landscape Designing
Foundation for Hardscapes in Landscape Designing
Software Introduction - AutoCAD as a drawing tool for Landscape Design
Designing of Softscapes & Hardscapes

**E- reference material will be provided. Wherever necessary assignments will be given.

Two Site visits will be arranged during the entire program.

Who can participate?

All garden lovers Graduation to any professionals who want to build their career in Residential landscape gardening, Small scale Landscape design, Balcony design, Terrace or roof and kitchen garden design etc. can join this course.

Course Details

Start Date

29th January 2022

End Date

19th June 2022

Session Time


Delivery Mechanism:

Participants will be desired to download video conferencing applications as suggested post-registration.

40 Online sessions (1.5 Hrs. per session) + 2 visits…. Total – 70 Hours (Weekend Batches)

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