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Programme Management

Through our global associations, network within the AP Globale Group spectrum, impact-focused delivery mechanisms and technical prowess, we create and deliver mass-learning and employability creating solutions in the most complex environments by adapting to it. As your delivery partner in the vast field of academia, we work across sectors, managing large-scale, global, social and economic change initiatives, further shaping the change agenda and driving results.

We can create field-level scaling, scale a programme delivery, deliver mass-learning and employability-creation solutions through our robust ecosystem, which includes infrastructure and existing facilities.

Working with government entities, private sector and other communities, we focus on building partnerships, identify collaboration opportunities, and introduce levels of governance and accountability ensuring a holistic result.

Processes are crucial for programme governance as it involves compliance of all stakeholders, and the working of the associated entities as a knitted unit is key to success. Identifying the strengths of the involved stakeholders, we combine our experience and methods to ensure effective delivery.

From the selection of the curriculum to creating concrete action plans to its delivery to managing the cost-effectiveness to the measurement of impact to grabbing every progress opportunities, improved programme governance involves several layers of expertise that we specialise in. Our delivery also includes programme scaling, field operations management and monitoring and evaluation.

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