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Project Implementation

Training Delivery, Assessment and Certification

The training strategy is critical for the implementation phase as several external factors control it. The collaborative approach makes a difference. The project experts, along with the trainers, develop our customised training strategies that formulate the delivery accordingly.

The critical component to skilling activities is assessment, which identifies the gaps between the desired and actual performance. Through proven methodologies, we measure the effectiveness of the strategy and more importantly, the desired objective of the training programme.

Maharashtra Skill Development Program (MSDP): Case Study on Training, Assessment and Certification

The group farming training in MSDP is divided into two parts, namely three-day orientation and eight-week bridge course. The orientation training is carried out at circle-level, and the farmers can attend bridge course at the village level. Upon completion of training, farmers undergo tab-based assessment, which comprises written, oral and practical components. The successful candidates are certified as ‘Group Farming Practitioners’ and can avail various benefits under MSDP.

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