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Course Introduction

Agriculture sector plays a very important role in both economic development and nation building. India is globally in the forefront of development of agriculture. However, more than 86% of farmers in the country are small and marginal. There is a need to facilitate our farmers with access to improved technology, credit, better input and more markets to incentivize them to produce better quality commodity. For this, Aggregation of small, marginal and landless farmers into FPOs will help enhance economic strength & market linkages of farmers for enhancing their income. Keeping this in mind, SIMACES Learning (SIILC) is trying to connect dots in the agri-business value chains and thus supporting farmers and other stakeholders to overcome the challenges by improving the efficiencies through synergy, convergence of efforts and ideas.

The workshop is designed with an aim to help farming community gets formally organized and plan, coordinate and manage pre-production, production and post-production activities effectively to fetch more share of the money offered by the end-consumer. Its high time farmers should come together and plan considering the market demand.

This one-day workshop is structured to introduce SIILC’s offerings to farmers about FPC Registration, Business Development, Market Linkages, Financial Planning and Government Schemes.

Course Fees & Payment Process

Course Fees (Rs.)

Rs, 1500/-

Course Commencement Dates

30 April 2022, Saturday

Visit our Website : & Click on the “ Enroll Now” button and do Online payment.

For Offline payment do contact on given mobile number: +91 7447443198

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