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Course Introduction

Attaining food security for a growing population and diminishing poverty while sustaining agricultural systems under the current scenario of depleting natural resources, negative impacts of climatic variability, spiraling cost of inputs and volatile food prices are the major challenges before most of the Asian countries. In addition to these challenges, the principal indicators of non-sustainability of agricultural systems includes: soil erosion, soil organic matter decline, salinization.

Conservation agriculture (CA) is a concept emerged as a response to concerns of sustainability of Agriculture. CA is resource optimization process which is integrated with good production practices of soil health, better yields, nutritional Upliftment and ecofriendly pest/ disease management.

Hence this course is designed with an aim to make a farmer / organic grower enough competent to plan, coordinate and manage the use of manures and bio pesticides / fungicides to achieve sustainable Agriculture for upcoming generations. Farmer’s Laboratory is a very innovative idea completely focused on preparation of Bio Organic inputs with a low cost technology by utilizing Microbes & metabolites. Bio-organic preparations can be developed by using bio- material available in Farmer’s kitchen and nearby local areas.

This course aims to give start to end training to farmers / students to develop very fresh bio- preparation and further establish a cost effective laboratory at Farm. These freshly prepared and used bio formulations are very effective and gives excellent results. Most importantly, agri-input cost will be reduced drastically with improved crop productivity in an organic and sustainable manner.

The offered course is a package of total three steps including two levels of training and further handholding support in the establishment of Micro laboratories. Every step / module itself is an independent course with thorough understanding of the topic covered. This course is a scientific blend of classroom / online sessions, practical demonstrations at well-established and active Micro laboratories, self-explanatory journeys of successful entrepreneurs and so on.

Learning Outcomes

To become an efficient entrepreneur in the field of Bio Organic inputs
To develop better understanding of Micro labs
To educate farmers to prepare bio-organic preparations in their farms utilizing material available in farmers home, farms, village, and few of the material needs to procure from nearby towns & Cities
To learn
  • Preparation of Trichoderma in Farmers Lab/or in farms
  • Preparation Microbial Consortia for Disease/Pest resistance in crops 
  • Preparation of Thermal Decomposting by utilizing waste generated from agro-based Industries
To learn how to handle and plan on day - today manner
To understand cost effective operations of the Laboratory

Who should attend this course?

The one who wants to start or establish his/ her own laboratory Low cost technology for bio-organic input development. Farmers, Microbiology students, Organic growers, Self-employed individuals, Homemakers can attend the training to learn the various bio organics like Trichoderma, Microbial Consortia, and Thermal De composting etc.

Course Duration

First two modules: 12 Hrs. (Teaching delivery: 6 Hrs. / day)
Third module: Post training support will be planned based on the requirements of the participants.

What do I get?

The Course fee is comprising of all the materials essential for course completion.

  • All required E- study materials.
  • Practical demonstrations on Bio organic inputs development.
  • Guidance & support to establish individual Farm Laboratories.

On successful completion of the course you will receive an officially recognized certificate.

Field Visit

To give actual practical exposure on preparations of various Bio organic inputs like :

  • Preparation of Trichoderma in Farmers Lab/or in farms
  • Preparation Microbial Consortia for Disease and Pest resistance in crops
  • Preparation of Thermal Decomposting preparation by utilizing waste generated from agro-based Industries

(Location for field visit: Punyadham Aashram, Kondhva, Pune)

General Guidelines

  • The training will be conducted as a blend of offline, online classes along with field visit.
  • The participant will be eligible for the completion certificate after successful completion of the assessment.
  • The course fee is exclusive of Field visit travel, Food and further support in establishment of Micro Laboratory.
  • No residential facility will be provided by SIILC for the course duration.
  • Each participant needs to follow COVID 19 protocols and social distancing norms strictly.

Terms and conditions

  • All the assignments/activities given to the participants by the faculty have to be completed on time.
  • Every field visit / practical demonstration batch is restricted to 20 participants.
  • All students are expected to be appropriately attired at all times on campus. They should dress appropriately in classrooms / workshops / visit locations.

Cut-off Date

Places are limited, in demand and entry into the course is on a first come first served basis.
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Course Fees & Payment Process

Course Fees (Rs.)

Individual Module fees are as given below:

Module A: Rs. 2000/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Module B: Rs. 2000/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Note: Above fee does not include any conveyance expenses that might be incurred by the participant for availing the course.

Course Commencement Dates

Module A: 31st March (Nagpur) & 5th April (Pune)
Module B: 6th April (Pune)

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For Offline payment do contact on given mobile number: +91 7447443198

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