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Course Introduction

Under the current scenario of depleting natural resources, negative impacts of climatic variability, increased use of chemical inputs and volatile food prices are the major challenges while achieving food security for a growing population and diminishing poverty while sustaining agricultural systems. In addition to these challenges, the principal indicators of non-sustainability of agricultural systems includes: soil erosion, soil organic matter decline, salinization.

Hence now it is the need of an hour to save our soils and human health with a gradual shift into organic and sustainable farming and encourage farmers for adopting farming practices for betterment of human life. Hence it’s necessary to find out new ways of farming. Hydroponics is a way to skip the soil, sub in a different material to support the roots of the plant, and grow crops directly in nutrient-rich water. There are multiple approaches to designing hydroponic systems, but the core elements are essentially the same. Plants grown in well-managed hydroponic systems are living the good life. Since roots are bathed in all the nutrients they need, plants spend more time growing upward and less time and energy growing extensive root systems to search for food.

This course is designed with an aim to make a farmer / modern day grower enough competent to plan, coordinate and manage cultivation of their crops in hydroponic system and find stable market for their produce. Managing complete life cycle of exotic vegetables and commercial crops in hydroponic farming in efficient manner is the criteria to succeed in commercial market.

The offered course is a package of three days offline training including a practical visit for thorough understanding of the practical know how of the subject. This course is a scientific blend of classroom and practical demonstrations at well-established hydroponic farms along with self-explanatory journeys of successful entrepreneurs.

Learning Outcomes

To get end to end understanding of what this new technology can & can’t do
To get thorough details on how to start pilot on immediate basis
To understand complete life cycle of Exotic vegetables and commercial Crops in hydroponic
To get hands on training on preparation on nutrient solutions
To understand technical and commercial success criteria

Who should attend this course?

The one who wants to start hydroponic farm along with Aeroponics, and Aquaponics, Agriculture enthusiast, Urban & rural farmers, Real estate companies, Investors and Home gardeners, Students etc. can attend the training to learn in detail the various processes involved in Hydroponics.

Course Duration

Duration : 18 Hrs. (Teaching delivery: 6 Hrs. / day)
Field visit to understand all minute operational details to run a hydroponic plant along with various cultivation practices involved in hydroponics farming.

What do I get?

The Course fee is comprising of all the materials essential for course completion.

  • All required E- study materials.
  • Practical demonstrations cover all necessary details for pilot planning
  • Guidance & support to start a business

On successful completion of the course you will receive an officially recognized certificate.

Field Visit

Delight Veggies, Flash Point, Amralwadi Farms Daudi , Tal : Khed , Dist : Pune

General Guidelines

  • The training will be conducted as a blend of offline, online classes along with field visit.
  • The participant will be eligible for the completion certificate after successful completion of the assessment.
  • The course fee is exclusive of Field visit travel, Food and further support in establishment of Hydroponic plant.
  • No residential facility will be provided by SIILC for the course duration.
  • Each participant needs to follow COVID 19 protocols and social distancing norms strictly.

Terms and conditions

  • All the assignments/activities given to the participants by the faculty have to be completed on time.
  • Post training support will be charged on at actual basis.

Cut-off Date

Places are limited, in demand and entry into the course is on a first come first served basis.
Don’t miss out. Enroll today!

Course Fees & Payment Process

Course Fees (Rs.)

Rs. 16,500/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Note: Above fee does not include any conveyance expenses that might be incurred by the participant for availing the course


Course Commencement Dates

Day 1: 25th June
Day 2: 26th June
Day 3: 27th June 2022
Time: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

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For Offline payment do contact on given mobile number: +91 7666239487

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