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Course Curriculum


A : Basics of Dairy

  1. Overview of Dairy Industry & Introduction to training program
  2. Indigenous cattle breeds of India, Importance of Desi cows , A1 vs A2 Milk
  3. Dairy herd management , Breeding and feeding
  4. Milking , Safety, hygiene and sanitation in a Dairy Farm
  5. Journey of a Successful Entrepreneur
  6. Dairy Herd Health Management, Causes of infertility, Care of cow at Calving
  7. Annual Fodder production
  8. Advanced Machines in animal management
  9. Documentation and record keeping and inventory management related to animals & dairy farm operations (Online module)
  10. Dairy processing ,Packaging equipments and methods, Economics of Dairy processing

B : Milk products, Dairy Economics and how to be an dairy Entrepreneur

  1. Dairy economics, Budget for dairy farm, Schemes from Govt.
  2. Manage and lead a team for Dairy Farm Management
  3. Dairy Processing : Demonstrations on preparation of milk products like Curd, Paneer, Buttermilk, khoa, Basundi, Lassi etc.

C : Visit to Reputed Dairy Farm

  1. Field visit at Reputed Dairy Farm to understand elements of dairy management

Course Fees & Payment Process

Course Fees (Rs.)

Package of all three modules costs @ Rs. 16,500/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Individual Module fees are as given below:

Module A: Rs. 10,000/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Module B: Rs. 6,000/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Module C: Rs. 2,000/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Note: Above fee does not include any conveyance expenses that might be incurred by the student for availing the course.

Course Commencement Dates

Module 1: 12th, 13th & 14th April
Module 2: 15st April
Module 3 : 16th April

Visit our Website : & Click on the “ Enroll Now” button and do Online payment.

For Offline payment do contact on given mobile number: +91 7447443198

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