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Course Introduction

After a rocky and pandemic year for dairy with massive milk losses we cannot deny the urge of clean milk and modernization in dairy farming. In today’s fast-paced societies the outlook towards dairy farming is improving and lifestyle of dairy farm entrepreneur cannot be underrated.

This course is designed with an aim to make a dairy farmer / entrepreneur enough competent to plan, coordinate and manage the day-to-day operations on the dairy farm. As a Dairy person one should manage his dairy farm in a skill full manner with clear understanding of various aspects of Dairy industry like; Selection of Breed, Different indigenous and exotic breeds, high milking cow & buffalo breeds, Clean milk production, health and well-being of the farm animals along with personnel management, Efficient implementation of the short and long term business plans for dairy business, etc. This course has a large potential to manage larger dairy farms so that the dairy farm supervisor can recruit, manage and upskill the staff over there and further drive the entire dairy herd management including cattle inventory, milking, feeding of herd, health and overall economics.

The whole course offered is a package of total 3 modules and every module itself is an independent course with thorough understanding of the topic covered. This course is a scientific blend of classroom / online sessions, practical demonstrations at reputed dairy farms, master classes from industry experts, self-explanatory journeys of successful dairy entrepreneurs and so on.

Learning Outcomes

To become an efficient dairy farm manager, and managing staff and grow the business
To understand onset of various diseases and preventive and curative measures
Better understanding of risk management & quality parameters for dairy industry
To learn a software based herd management, inventory management and record keeping activities on virtual/ online mode
To get acquainted with the management, operation & business plan for a Dairy Farm
To get hands on training on Dairy processing and illustrations on troubleshooting in various dairy product preparations on commercial level
To become a leader and learn strategic management of a team at Dairy farm
To understand Indigenous and Desi Cattle breeds and their management
To analyze safe and hygienic practices for animals and dairy workers for better animal health
To learn how to handle pressures and bring out ability to plan and organize the activities for effective management of Farm
To understand best practices for selection of bull, semen extraction and artificial Insemination
To enhance the business communication skills

Who should attend this course?

The one who wants to start or establish his/ her career in Dairy industry. The participant can be a dairy farmer, entrepreneur from agriculture and dairy Industry, Student or Self-employed individual with immense passion of Dairy sector.

Course Duration

All 3 modules: 30 Hrs. (Teaching delivery: 5 Hrs. / day & Dairy Farm Visit)

What do I get?

The Course fee is comprising of all the materials essential for course completion.

  • All necessary E- study materials.
  • Assignment projects with constructive feedbacks from teacher or expert
  • An expert who will service all of your course and career guidance needs.

On successful completion of the course you will receive an officially recognized certificate.

Field Visit

To give actual practical exposure on various dairy farm practices the field visit is availed as a part of training program at a scientifically organized & reputed dairy farms.

General Guidelines

  • The training will be conducted as a blend of offline, online classes along with field visit.
  • The participant will be eligible for the completion certificate after successful completion of the assessment.
  • The course fee is exclusive of Field visit travel, Food and further support in establishment of Micro Laboratory.
  • No residential facility will be provided by SIILC for the course duration.
  • Each participant needs to follow COVID 19 protocols and social distancing norms strictly.

Terms and conditions

  • In time completion of the assignments /activities given by experts is expected from the participants.
  • Every field visit / practical demonstration batch is expected to be appropriately attired and follow the set code of conduct at visit location. They should dress appropriately in classrooms / workshops / visit locations.

Cut-off Date

Places are limited, in demand and entry into the course is on a first come first served basis.
Don’t miss out. Enroll today!

Course Fees & Payment Process

Course Fees (Rs.)

Package of all three modules costs @ Rs. 16,500/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Individual Module fees are as given below:

Module A: Rs. 10,000/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Module B: Rs. 6,000/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Module C: Rs. 2,000/- plus applicable taxes. (Non-refundable)

Note: Above fee does not include any conveyance expenses that might be incurred by the student for availing the course.

Course Commencement Dates

Module 1: 12th, 13th & 14th April
Module 2: 15th April
Module 3 : 16th April

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For Offline payment do contact on given mobile number: +91 7447443198

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